Cities I’m Biking Through

6/1/2014 Sunday La Plata, MD
6/2/2014 Monday Fredricksburg, VA
6/3/2014 Tuesday Richmond, VA
6/4/2014 Wednesday Petersburg, VA
6/5/2014 Thursday Farmville, VA
6/6/2014 Friday South Boston, VA
6/7/2014 Saturday Raleigh, NC
6/8/2014 Sunday Service Day
6/9/2014 Monday Fayetteville, NC
6/10/2014 Tuesday Rockingham, NC
6/11/2014 Wednesday Gastonia, NC
6/12/2014 Thursday Spartanburg, SC
6/13/2014 Friday Clemson, SC
6/14/2014 Saturday Athens, GA
6/15/2014 Sunday Atlanta, GA
6/16/2014 Monday Service Day
6/17/2014 Tuesday Carrollton, GA
6/18/2014 Wednesday Auburn, AL
6/19/2014 Thursday Troy, AL
6/20/2014 Friday De Funiak Springs, FL
6/21/2014 Saturday Pensacola, FL
6/22/2014 Sunday Service Day
6/23/2014 Monday Mobile, AL
6/24/2014 Tuesday Biloxi, MS
6/25/2014 Wednesday New Orleans, LA
6/26/2014 Thursday Service Day
6/27/2014 Friday Baton Rouge, LA
6/28/2014 Saturday Lafayette, LA
6/29/2014 Sunday Lake Charles, LA
6/30/2014 Monday Beaumont, TX
7/1/2014 Tuesday Houston, TX
7/2/2014 Wednesday Navasota, TX
7/3/2014 Thursday La Grange, TX
7/4/2014 Friday Austin, TX
7/5/2014 Saturday Service Day
7/6/2014 Sunday Lampassas, TX
7/7/2014 Monday Brownwood, TX
7/8/2014 Tuesday Winters, TX
7/9/2014 Wednesday Snyder, TX
7/10/2014 Thursday Lubbock, TX
7/11/2014 Friday Service Day
7/12/2014 Saturday Clovis, NM
7/13/2014 Sunday Tucumcari, NM
7/14/2014 Monday Las Vegas, NM
7/15/2014 Tuesday Santa Fe, NM
7/16/2014 Wednesday Rest Day
7/17/2014 Thursday Taos, NM
7/18/2014 Friday Alamosa, CO
7/19/2014 Saturday Pagosa Springs, CO
7/20/2014 Sunday Durango, CO
7/21/2014 Monday Shiprock, NM
7/22/2014 Tuesday Chinle, AZ
7/23/2014 Wednesday Kayenta, AZ
7/24/2014 Thursday Page, AZ
7/25/2014 Friday Rest Day
7/26/2014 Saturday Tuba City, AZ
7/27/2014 Sunday Flagstaff, AZ
7/28/2014 Monday Prescott, AZ
7/29/2014 Tuesday Wickenburg, AZ
7/30/2014 Wednesday Parker/Lake Havasu AZ
7/31/2014 Thursday Rest Day
8/1/2014 Friday Blythe, CA
8/2/2014 Saturday Brawley, CA
8/3/2014 Sunday Palm Springs, CA
8/4/2014 Monday Rancho cucamonga, CA
8/5/2014 Tuesday Santa Monica, CA
8/6/2014 Wednesday Service Day
8/7/2014 Thursday Huntington Beach, CA
8/8/2014 Friday Encinitas, CA
8/9/2014 Saturday San Diego, CA

15 thoughts on “Cities I’m Biking Through”

  1. Kristin Pappas said:

    I saw your map and it looked like you’re biking right through my town!! So I looked at your list and you will be passing jussssst south of me (20 minutes, maybe.) VERY cool!

  2. Kristin Pappas said:

    I live in Aberdeen which is about 50 minutes West of Fayetteville (on the other side of Fort Bragg) and about 25 minutes north of rockingham.

  3. Hi Tyler,
    I’m in Pasadena visiting family and saw the article about you in the Maryland Gazette. Good luck on your trip! I live in Durango, CO and you’ll be passing through in July. Let me know how I can help a fellow Marylander.
    Best wishes,
    Val 🙂

    • We’ll be staying at Durango high school. We may or may not have dinner provided for us, so food donations would be awesome!

      • Tyler, how many people would you need food for when you’re in Durango, CO this Sat.? And what time would you be at the high school? Are you staying in campers in the parking lot or what? If I brought dinner by, how would I find you?

      • We have 27 riders and our ride that day is only 61 miles so if I had to guess, I’d say we would arrive anywhere between 12 and 2pm. We should be covered for lunch, but as far as I know, dinner and breakfast the next morning is still up in the air. We will most likely be sleeping in the building.

  4. Oops, sorry I meant to write Sunday. Do people just bring you guys trays of food or donate canned goods or what? I’d love to help you out but I’m not sure what you need or want. Please advise what you guys prefer or what other people have done. Thanks, Val 🙂

    • Other people have done a wide variety of things. Some people will get us all pizzas or subs, others make a bunch of pasta and salad for us, and some go all out and make a full homecooked meal for us. We aren’t picky and appreciate anything that is donated. We also appreciate food that we can keep in our vans as snacks for the ride. Canned goods probably aren’t the best choice because we would have no way of opening them. Another thing is that we have two vegetarians, one egg allergy, and one dairy allergy.

  5. Tyler…would you happen to know where you are staying tonite in Santa Fe? Will you stay there overnite on the 16th also? Is there a name of a person/contact I could call at this location?
    Shawna’s mom

  6. Shawna’s birthday is the 17th. I want to have some type of yummy, chocolateeee,bake good awaiting her when she arrives. I’m trying to get in contact with someone at Taos, New Mexico. If I can’t I will try on the 16th…your rest day. That is why I’m asking you…and thanks for your help! I really appreciate it! Smiles!

  7. Thanks Tyler!

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