Today on our ride, the scenery started to look like what you picture California to be in your head. There were palm trees and green grass and the weather was beautiful! Here are the pictures:













Today I rode for my grandparents Gran and Dude. Just like what I said about my other set of grandparents yesterday, Gran and Dude were HUGE supporters for me on the 4k and in life as well! I can’t wait to get home to see them and the rest of my family!




In case you’re confused, yes we call my grandfather “Dude”. Here’s the story. When we were little and my grandparents were picking out names, my grandmother picked “Gran”, but my grandfather said that he didn’t want to be called “Granddad” he wanted to be called “Granddude”! Anyway, my siblings and I didn’t quite get the joke when we were 2 years old, so we shortened it to Gran and Dude. And ever since, we just call him Dude!

Today’s ride started out uphill. It was gradual, but the headwinds were nasty. I had a strong riding group though and we rode pretty fast all day. I rode with Brad, Jeremy, Kirsten, and Shawna. We encountered another Indian reservation where bikes were not allowed, but the officer there said we could hop on the interstate for a mile or so and get off on the next exit. The shoulder was wide, and there was a weigh station in the middle. It actually helped that the weigh station was there because there were long lines of stopped trucks that we could easily navigate through. We finally got to the downhill part of the ride and cruised from there. The last 15 miles of the ride took forever because we hit so many stoplights! We’re finally in a populated part of the country and it’s pretty nice to be riding through civilization all day. The downside is all the cars and traffic lights. About 3 miles from the host there was undoubtedly a hill. There’s always a hill before the host. So we climbed that and finally arrived!

Here is the GPS route and data:

We stayed at Life Bible Church in Upland, CA. My friend from college, Becca, lives near there and she helped us secure the host and fed us dinner and breakfast! It was great to see her and talk about mutual friends back home! I found a perfect place to set up my hammock, the weather was beautiful and there were no bugs. So I took a nap until dinner was ready. We ate some delicious lasagna and then headed to Lisa’s aunt’s house to hang out and shower:




We stayed until after dark and some people left early to go rock climbing. I would have loved to go, but like I mentioned before, my hand isn’t working too well and I wouldn’t have been able to climb. When we arrived back at our host, I was dead tired and my hammock was looking really comfortable, so I grabbed my sleeping bag and hoodie, and curled up and went to sleep for the night without blogging.



BY FAR. The best sleep I’ve had on the 4k. I love my hammock.

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