Sorry I’m behind on blogging again. Here are the pictures for today:




















Today, I dedicated my ride to Beth Smith. She is a cancer survivor and plays soccer with my Aunt Nicole!


This morning I woke up with a flat tire. Cool. I think I’m up to 11 or 12 tubes in the trash now. The ride started out well, but it got really hot really quick. I rode with Bri, Heather, Simon, Aaron, and Taylor. Today was Bri’s first full ride back in the saddle despite still being injured and in pain!


She rode the whole thing and we were all really proud of her. I made sure to stay behind her the whole way, up the hills and down them and take breaks if she needed them. I even changed a flat for her. The first water stop took FOREVER because one team got somewhere around 8 flats in the first 17 miles. The ride was really scenic and was mainly downhill after the first 20 miles. As soon as we got to the bottom of the valley, the heat was scorching! We finally saw a stereotypical cactus! I didn’t get a picture, but it was just like the ones in the cartoons! The heat was so hot that our water was literally the temperature that I like my hot tea to be in the morning.

My GPS watch got a little messed up and lumped this ride in with yesterday’s ride. The ride totaled somewhere around 67 miles. Here is the combined GPS route and data:

When we got to our host, The Place in Wickenburg, AZ, there was food everywhere! Literally as soon as you walked in the door, there were tables and counters full of it! Our host said to me, “While you all are out here biking in the heat for such a great cause, the last thing you need to be is hungry.” He had gotten us food for a lunch snack before he provided dinner! After we made our way into the next room, we found all of our mail! Thanks to my mama, Aunt Angel, and the Malczewski family for sending me stuff! After showering, Taylor, Allison, and I went out to do laundry. We found the most ecologically friendly laundromat in Arizona with dryers so big that two people could fit inside!




While the laundry was washing and drying, we went to Safeway, and some other stores to pass the time. When we got back, dinner had already been served. We put on the movie Frozen, but I didn’t stay to finish it because Kirk, Taylor and I went for a nighttime walk since it was warm out. When we got back, it was really late and everyone was asleep so we decided to prank Kenny. We took his wheels, saddle bag, and water bottles off of his bike and hid them in the girls bathroom! That was a good laugh in the morning!

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