Today was a great relaxation day. This is going to be a short post because the ride was relatively uninteresting, the city we’re staying in is relatively uninteresting, and what I did after the ride is relatively uninteresting. Today being uninteresting was much needed and I enjoyed it a LOT. Most days we arrive at the host after a long ride and after showers and dinner rush off to some tourist attraction, come back, get organized and go to bed. It’s been absolutely exhausting. Today I was able to unwind. Here are the few pictures from the ride today:












Today I dedicated my ride to Margaret Knipp who passed away from cancer. She is a friend of a family friend of mine who’s pool I used to swim in ALL the time when I was growing up.


This morning started out pretty hot, and right after our dedication circle there was a HUGE rainbow in the sky:


Our ride started out pretty badly. I rode with Micaela, Kirk, Taylor, and Danny. We rode straight uphill for almost the entirety of the first 20 miles. The road was rough and the sun was bright. We rode really slow and my legs were screaming after two days of doing nothing. But lucky for us the next stretch was better. There were still a lot of uphills, but the road got immensely smoother. It’s incredible how the quality of the road affects our stamina and how fast we can ride! After the second water stop, weΒ flew. It was a gradual downhill with nice roads, and we probably averaged around 21mph. After one last quick water stop, I had a flat in my front tire. Apparently I ran over something right before the water stop because I rolled in on a fully inflated tire and after filling my water bottles it was flat! Anyway, that’s the 6th tube I’ve thrown out on the ride, and I’ve been riding on that particular tube since Day 1. I guess it was time. The last 15 miles we had a few climbs but nothing terrible. Kirk got a flat, and I burned my first CO2 of the ride. Luckily I have like 20 more in my backpack!

Here is the GPS route and data for today’s ride:Β I felt like I had a lot of energy today after getting warmed up (read: struggling) during the first 20 miles of the ride. I had a lot of fun and my morale was high. I hope it continues during this next week!


We arrived at the host (Tuba City High School in Tuba City, AZ) and we snacked, showered and vegged. There was recently a change in the 4k rules that no longer allow us to ride without a jersey on. I LOVE my leg tanlines, but I’m not so fond of getting a farmers tan, so Kirk, Kenny, and I laid out in the sun for a while listening to some tunes, and I fell asleep out there for a little bit. Afterwards, I showered, did some laundry and found a couch next to a TV all by myself and indulged my laziness for hours. I felt like such a bum despite having biked 73 miles earlier in the day. Then I got stuff organized for tomorrow and started to blog.

Tomorrow I have no idea where we’re riding or how far it is and I’m okay with that. Hit me with your best shot Day 57. Remember to comment! Also thank you all for commenting and interacting with me as much as you do. I really appreciate it and I’m pretty proud that EVERY post (with the exception of Day 53) has gotten at least one comment on it. Day 53 was my fault though because I didn’t blog for like three days straight. IΒ read all of your comments every day and it always brings a smile to my face!