I tell ya. We do NOT rest on our rest days! Well maybe a little.

This morning we woke up at 3am to leave for the Grand Canyon! We wanted to get there by sunrise and hang out a little so we could get back and have time to explore Lake Powell. Eric and I drove the two hours early in the morning to the Grand Canyon and it was rough. Luckily I had Lauren sitting shotgun asking me dumb questions and making me tell her “life stories” to keep me awake. When we got there we climbed on the rocks and took a bunch of pictures. Here are mine:























The canyon was gorgeous. The views and sunrise were breathtaking. We didn’t get to see all of the canyon or the main tourist attractions, but what we did see was plenty. Apparently I only got one picture of myself while I was there… I was REALLY tired. In fact I missed the group picture because towards the end I was napping in the van! On our way out we stopped at the visitor center for some souvenirs. I got a Grand Canyon sticker for my bike! Luckily I didn’t have to drive back to the host, so I napped the entire ride back. It was pretty uncomfortable. I think I’d rather nap on a concrete floor than in the van.

When we got back to the host, I collected all my stickers I hadn’t put on my bike and found some good spots for them! Then I laid down to rest a little more until we went to a Chinese buffet for lunch. It was only $8 and I ate so much I wasn’t even hungry for dinner! After lunch, we returned to the host and I blogged for a while and uploaded pictures. I also did some grad school paperwork and talked to my mom.

After a while when everyone got back from lunch, we eventually made our way to Lake Powell!




While everyone was swimming, I wanted to see if I could sneak onto someone’s boat to wakeboard. Aaron came with me and we scoped out the scene. It was later in the evening and most people were pulling their boats out. There were a few boats going in the water but none of them looked like they were going out wakeboarding. I started talking to one lady who reacted to me with the attitude, “How dare you talk to me while I’m sitting on my butt watching my husband do all the work to put my boat in my lake?”. I knew they weren’t going out wakeboarding, but I just wanted some more information. She wasn’t having any of it. Oh well.

The next guy I talked to, though, was the man. His shiny new Mastercraft wakeboard boat floated up with three boards hanging on each side of its tower. I started talking to him and his family and he was SO nice. He said if we were there earlier that we could have gone out with them but that they had to take their boat out now. He even said he would take us out tomorrow morning bright and early! Unfortunately I had to decline because tomorrow morning bright and early we resume biking across the country. He told us that a lot of families will be loading up their smaller boats on a Friday night to go to their house boats already on the lake and spend the weekend out there. After he told us that no one really wakeboards this late in the evening, Aaron and I returned to our group and hung out until we decided to leave.

When we returned to the host, everyone else went to get dinner, but I wasn’t hungry so I stayed behind, finished up some more grad school stuff, read a FANTASTIC ultimate frisbee article about the San Francisco Revolver’s isolation cutting offense, replaced Bri’s handlebar tape (she’s starting to ride again tomorrow!), and poured peroxide all over my scabs. My wounds are healing nicely and fairly quickly too. I think that my body operating at such a high level and eating so much food makes healing take place really fast.

Tomorrow we bike less than 80 miles to Tuba City, AZ. Less than 80 I consider to be an short day. More than 80 is a long day. That’s where I draw the line. So it’s nice to have a short day. Someone also told me that we return to the Mountain time zone (minus 2 hours from East coast). Page is on Pacific time, but I guess a little farther south, Tuba City isn’t. I love having van days next to rest days, because after two days off of my bike, my legs are itching to pedal and I’m excited to get back on the saddle!

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