Today we biked over 100 miles and it didn’t even feel like it. Here are some pictures:























Today I rode in memory of Kit Woodall. She recently passed of pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago.


I think I’ll be riding for her again tomorrow because that marker on my legs was so thick I wasn’t able to wash it all off. Anyway, this morning we left Lubbock, got on route 84 and stayed on route 84 for around 90 miles! It was a straight shot to Clovis. The first few miles we had to stop for a flat tire and a bathroom break, but after that it was smooth sailing. We. Were. Flying. Up until the last 20 miles of the ride, our pace was between 17 and 25 mph! The terrain seemed flat and we had a nice tailwind behind us. In actuality, the ride was constantly inclined. We climbed 1000 feet today and didn’t even realize it! It worked out to about a 10 foot climb every mile. You can check out all the statistics and GPS route here: Other than that, the ride wasn’t very interesting. We squished some coins on railroad tracks, the scenery was alright, and it was really cloudy. It was actually really nice to be riding in almost cold weather (about 82 degrees).

Our team is getting SO much stronger! To put things in perspective, on Day 1, we rode 60.5 miles in 8 hours 22 minutes. Today on Day 42, we rode 100.3 miles in 8 hours 6 minutes. Crazy huh?

My ride group today was Eric, Taylor, Allison, and Kirsten. Here’s a funny picture that pretty much describes Taylor and Allison:


Anyway, we all crossed into New Mexico together!






This also meant we crossed into a different time zone! Yay! Now the sun rises earlier and we wake up earlier! Woo… Not. We arrived at our host, Living Water Community Church in Clovis, NM with lots of daylight to spare, and we got mail! Unfortunately not all of the mail that was sent to us since USPS can’t get delivered here. But I did get a new pair of flip flops! This is pretty exciting because my old pair lasted me about 5 years and I wore through sole to the point where there is a hole under my right big toe. Needless to say, I got the same exact pair of flip flops and I can’t wait to break them in and wear them for the next 5 years! They’re a little uncomfortable at the moment because a mold of my foot isn’t permanently imprinted in them yet.

We were taken to some showers and were able to give our laundry to one of the church members! She’s going to wash ALL of our clothes overnight! When we returned, chips and salsa were ready for us to eat as an appetizer while the feast we had for dinner was still being cooked. We ate like royalty. The brisket and pulled pork was the best I’ve ever had. It was injected with cherry Dr. Pepper before being smoked over apple wood and hickory wood for 15 hours. There was also spicy rice, cheesy rice, potato salad, vegetables, sauteed zucchini, sauteed mushrooms, grilled portobello mushrooms, cauliflower mashed potatoes, green chili, pan fried tilapia, bread rollls, and dessert! I ate so much that I hated myself for a small amount of time. My new food baby and I went on a walk down the road to digest, and then we threw a frisbee around with some other people with similar food babies. We played outside until it got so dark we couldn’t see.

All in all, today was a great day! We killed it out there today on the road. We had hot showers. We are having our laundry done for us and delivered to us. We ate like champions. We played outside. Playing outside until it got dark reminded me of when I was younger and spent my summers in western Maryland at Deep Creek Lake. We would play outside until dark and then build a bonfire every night until we got tired. I’m really hoping that before this adventure is over, we all get to hang out around a bonfire!

Tomorrow we ride somewhere between 70 and 80 miles to some place in New Mexico. That’s about all I know. I promise I’ll know all the details when I get there and blog about it tomorrow night. Until then, comment on this post or any others you want to!