First let me start with pictures from previous days. This first one is from Day 36 when we went to the natural spring pool in Lampasas, TX. We were throwing the frisbee around and diving to catch it over the water. This is probably one of my favorite frisbee pictures of myself:


And this is a picture of the mohawk crew from yesterday’s ride:


I don’t know why we’re touching each others nipples…..

Anyway, this morning we woke up, ate breakfast burritos and were bussed to the YWCA. It’s pretty much a YMCA but really focused on empowering women. They have a great cancer support team there and a lot of youth camps. For our service day, we spent time playing with the kids there and making cards with them to go to cancer patients. Here are a few that I took pictures of:

IMG_20140711_100533_012 IMG_20140711_100541_149

IMG_20140711_101010_605 IMG_20140711_101141_999

IMG_20140711_103418_613 IMG_20140711_110610_023

IMG_20140711_110651_419 IMG_20140711_113549_632

IMG_20140711_113557_914 IMG_20140711_113719_164

IMG_20140711_113741_399 IMG_20140711_113748_775


Three of them are mine, two of them are Kirsten’s, and Kirk, Kevin, and Allison each have one pictured. The rest were made by the kids we hung out with. Can you guess who drew which card? The answers (in order) are: child, myself, child, child, Kirsten, Allison, Myself, Kirk, Kevin, Myself, child. Here’s a picture of Simon and I coloring with them:



We even got a news article written about us and aired! Click HERE for the link to the video and article online. If you look really hard in the background, you can see me, and also I have a few good shots of just my shirt and my hands holding my phone. Go me. I bet my mom could recognize me, but I think it’ll be pretty tough. I don’t think I posted a link to it, but we also had a news station cover our entrance into Beaumont, TX after we rode 100 miles from Louisiana. The link to that one is HERE. Also, shoutout to Mrs. Jenni, in the video, I’m holding the box of tubes you sent to us! Thanks!

After making the cards, we took the bus back to our host for lunch. But first we took a picture!


When we got back to the host, we ate really quick and then a lot of us went right to sleep. I slept for a pretty good chunk of the day, then woke up and blogged about yesterday and started to register for classes at NC State next semester. I’m really behind on doing stuff for school since I’m so focused on the 4k. I need to work on that…

Anyway, while I did that, some of the girls went shopping for I don’t even know what, and some of the boys went to see the new transformers movie. After that we were each given $10 to go out and get whatever dinner we wanted! Lubbock is a great little college town and there were plenty of places to eat. We ended up at Spanky’s where I got a chili cheeseburger. It was really really good! We walked around for a while after that and some people got some ice cream. I’m not sure how everyone can eat so much ice cream! It’s like almost EVERY DAY. If there’s time, people go hunting for ice cream. I just can’t eat it that much!

When we returned to the host, the church was having some country music dance lessons. Thankfully, while Simon was out biking around town, he got a flat and needed to be rescued. I happily volunteered because country music dance lessons aren’t too appealing to me. Kirk wanted to go with me, so we went to pick Simon up and he was near this small little lake just as the sun was setting, so we stayed there for a little bit to hang out.






We were in awe of the HUGE moon that was in the sky tonight! I guess it’s fitting that on the night before we leave Texas, the state where everything is bigger, the moon decides to grow to twice it’s normal size! We listened to some good music, and ate some sushi before returning to our host to get some rest before our 100 mile ride into Clovis, NM tomorrow! We’ll be hitting a new time zone, so my blog posts will appear roughly an hour later than normal. We’ll be two hours behind east coast time.

I think my blog posts are getting less witty and humorous. I think it’s because I’m taking less and less time to write them. Or maybe it’s because a lot of our days are pretty similar to each other and I have a hard time finding new ways to say the same sort of thing. I’m not sure, exactly the reason why, but I feel like I’m not as funny anymore! Crap.

In other news, I HAVE to share these adorable pictures of my cats attempting to hide when my mom and sister took them to the vet today. These made me laugh and melt at the same time.





Apparently Mugsy took the “cover my eyes and I disappear” approach while the older cats, Jasper and Bobert, who must have more experience, opted for the somewhat more sensible “hide in the corner behind the door” maneuver.

Anyway, comment away! Maybe tell me a joke to make up for my lack of humor!