Today was FAST! First here’s some pics:


















Before I forget, there’s a new mail drop in Wickenburg, AZ on July 29! The address is on my Mailing Locations page!

This morning I decided to ride for the Gray family who I stayed with last night. For more information on the most awesome family in Winters, TX please refer to my previous blog post about yesterday. Unfortunately their name never made it to my calf, but they were on my mind all day. I was even texting Taylor at every water stop! We made sure to take a team picture before we left:


We ate breakfast at the Rock Hotel which was built in 1909 and is now a museum! The breakfast was hot and homemade!

We left Winters this morning with great weather! We didn’t even make it 3 miles outside of the small town before Verizon decided to allow my phone to work again. Since I hadn’t checked it all day and night, it BLEW up with notifications. Nearly drained my battery right then and there. The ride was really easy and went by fast! The first part of the ride had some hills and then we hit the most amazing downhill my bike has ever seen! I had Layla in her highest gear and was pedaling as fast as I possibly could and managed to hit 43mph! You can check it out here along with the GPS route: Make sure to look at the elevation graph to fully appreciate the hill we went down!

After that it was right back uphill and then flat! Riding the flats again was pretty nice. I felt like we kept a solid 20mph pace throughout the rest of the ride. The roads were smooth and we’re really strong after 38 days of riding. It’s amazing the difference a smooth road makes. You are able to go so much faster with so much less effort! I rode with Jackie, Micaela, Kirk, and Matt (for the third day in a row!). This is us:


I think today was the most fun I’ve had by far. We biked 86 miles in a little over 7 hours. That’s our fastest pace yet! The van never had to go back to a group for mechanical problems and we kept the water stops short and kept moving! One of the best parts of the ride was actually during a construction zone. It was a two lanes going the same way and one of the lanes was blocked off for roadwork. Interestingly enough, the lane that was blocked off to traffic was the one with the fresh pavement! So all of the cars were driving in a nasty rough lane, while we had the nice smooth lane reserved all to ourselves! It was like our own private bike lane!

One more thing that was interesting about today is that there are windmills everywhere. They were within eyesight the entire ride. You can see some of them in the pictures above. When we got to the host, First Baptist Church in Snyder, TX, we ate some food and started showering. There was one shower in the women’s bathroom, so we made a list of who gets the shower next and the boys made sure to knock loudly before entering. We then ate burgers and dogs that were grilled for us by the church members! I had three burgers and two hot dogs. The only reason I didn’t eat more is because they started putting the food away. One of the best things about the 4k is that I can finally satisfy my inner fat kid and not actually get fat! I can literally eat whatever I want because tomorrow I’m going to burn it all off anyway.

Here’s some funny pictures. The first is Erika. You couldn’t tell by looking at her but she eats A LOT! This is how I found her after my shower:


Literally bathing in our stash of snacks. And then while we were in line for dinner, Micaela happened to be standing under the only hat hanger I think I’ve ever seen:


Only in Texas….

After dinner we had a quick team meeting and then went our separate ways. I’ve been blogging pretty much all night since I had a lot to catch up on! Tomorrow we ride into Lubbock, TX! The next day is a service day where we will be able to interact with some cancer patients! I think the ride is around 85 miles again, so I hope it goes as smoothly as today did! I think we’re finally getting this whole 4k thing down!

Remember to comment and check the new mailing location in Arizona! Also if you have anything to mail to Clovis, NM now is your last chance for 2 day shipping!