Yes. I know I didn’t write a blog post yesterday. I wasn’t able to achieve Wi-Fi and there was ZERO cell phone service. Absolute ZERO. I couldn’t even squeak a text through or make a phone call. I apologize, but there was nothing I could do. Here are some pictures from our wonderful ride to Winters, TX:















Yesterday I rode for Ryan Evans. He is the son of a friend of the grandmother of one of my friends. Got that? Anyway, he sadly passed away from Leukemia when he was only 12 years old.


The ride to Winters was pretty uneventful. We left when the sun came up and it was around 60 degrees out! Texas actually has beautiful weather in the morning. The ride was straight uphill for the first 45 miles and then went a little downhill for the last 20. The ride totaled 64.5 miles and we it only took us 6 hours! All the details of the GPS route can be found here:

I rode with Matt, Allison, Dana, and Dan. This is us:



I had a great day riding with these guys! When we arrived in Winters, we stopped at a diner/video rental store. This store was where we were going to eat dinner and depart to our hosts. A bunch of families volunteered space in their homes for us to sleep. They each took groups of 4-6 people and housed and entertained them for the night. We unloaded the vans into the diner and put in our orders for dinner. Then we rode our bikes to the community pool and hung out there until dinner was ready. Winters, TX is such a small town that the entire town has one community pool where everybody knows each other. It was quite a surprise for the kids there to see 27 new faces waltz in with silly looking tanlines. Our team had a blast on the two diving boards and got some sweet pictures making fools of ourselves. This is me midair doing some sort of flip:


I did a lot of flips yesterday, including a double front flip at one point. The diving boards were SO bouncy! We eventually calmed down and just laid on the cement with our feet in the pool soaking up some sun. Speaking of pools, I found some more pictures of when we were at the natural spring pool in Lampasas, TX:






You can see our best underwater picture, me working on my wonderful tanlines while taking a nap (and they said I couldn’t multitask…), and a shot of the whole pool.

Back to Winters. When we were done at the pool, we biked back to the diner to eat! I got chicken fried steak with a loaded baked potato and a salad! Then we gave Kirk a cake for his birthday!


And by “gave” I mean we smeared it all over his face! Happy birthday Kirk! We then split up and departed to our host’s homes to turn in for the night. I had the absolute pleasure of staying with the Gray family with Kirk, Kenny, and Kevin. Tena (Mama Gray) treated us like her own children and made us feel like we were right at home. Her own children, Chelsea (the oldest), Taylor (the rock star), and Hunter (my main man) were a blast to hang out with and spend the evening with. We played frisbee, red rover, and dodgeball before going inside. Kenny and Kevin went to bed while Kirk and I stayed up with Taylor and played the guitar with him. Since I can’t play the guitar I mainly listened while they played. I’m calling it right now, Taylor is going to be a rock star one day. No doubt. After trading facebooks, instagrams, snapchats, and phone numbers, we finally went to bed. I can’t thank the entire Gray family enough for making us feel like we were at home and giving us one of the best nights we’ve had on the entire ride. Here is Kirk, Kenny, Kevin, and I with the Gray family:


And most importantly, here I am with my main man Hunter!


Hunter was one of the first children to walk right up to me in the diner, introduce himself and ask my name. He told me that he was 6 years old (I think…) and after that it’s history. He even surprised me with a goodbye hug in the morning! I also have to give a quick shoutout to Mackenzie. She was the second little girl to walk right up to me and introduce herself. She said she was 10 years old. She’s cute as a button and sharp as a tack. She won’t forget anything you tell her and has a great memory. She’s also fantastic at explaining the rules to red rover because I had forgotten them!

Everyone in Winters was absolutely fantastic to all of us. The kids were polite as could be and fun to play with, and the adults were so generous and kind with all that they gave us. I was thoroughly entertained and overjoyed by my stay here!

Remember to comment (as always) and again, sorry for the delay!