Today was great! Absolutely fantastic! I had a wonderful time riding through Texas. I think Texas is my favorite state in America right now. Here are pictures of this lovely place:





















I rode today for Avis Halberstadt who is currently battling her third form of cancer. She is a friend of my high school administrator Mrs. Goldstein.


Today we picked ride groups based on you favorite breakfast foods: eggs, pancakes, cereal, yogurt, or french toast. I was on team eggs with Jeremy, Matt, Taylor, and Shawna. We rode 73 miles today and I was feeling especially introverted so I rode ahead of the whole group so I could just be by myself with my thoughts. It was nice to zone out on the highway and recharge my batteries by being somewhat alone. I LOVED the ride today. There were enough hills to keep me engaged, and nothing hurt. My butt felt great, my wrists and feet didn’t hurt, and I had plenty of energy. My legs were screaming up the hills, but I can’t do much about that. It didn’t feel too hot out because of the low humidity. I didn’t really sweat, but the salt on my bike shorts made me realize that I sweat a LOT and it was just evaporating really quick. I was really surprised when I saw this:


94 degrees felt not so hot. Humidity is really terrible. Some cool/funny things happened today including Shawna’s thighs hurting. Nothing helps like elevating your legs on a tree to drain the lactic acid:


We slept on picnic tables at this water stop and had a TON of fruit and food donated from H.E.B. which is a local grocery store. They even remembered 4k coming through last year asking for donations! This water stop took forever because of mechanical issues. You can see how long we rested on the GPS data:

We arrived at the host (New Beginnings Worship Center in Brownwood, TX) around 2:30pm and I swiftly found a couch, claimed it, and slept for three hours until dinner at 5:30pm. We ate the best dinner of chicken and sausage with green beans, carrots, corn, potatoes, and salad. It was delicious. Afterward, we did some bike cleaning and I even tried to clean one of our grease rags with dawn dish soap. It worked relatively well because afterwards I could actually tell that the rag started out as white. I wandered around after that and found the most adorable kitten. It only wanted some loving and stayed around for a long time! It let me pick it up and I even held it like I hold my kittens at home:


Kittens make me happy! I really miss mine at home.

Right now I’m sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings across the street from our host using their Wi-Fi and enjoying a beer with Eric, Taylor, and Allison. The Wi-Fi at our host got bogged down when 27 people tried to connect to it at one time with their laptops and phones. Something interesting about Brownwood, TX is that if you look at a picture of Texas and put your finger dead center in the middle of the state, that’s where we are right now! Tomorrow is only a 65 mile day to Winters, TX. Hopefully it’s as wonderful as today was. Remember to comment and stuff! I figured out who my Austrailia and Germany readers are, but Mexico is still a mystery!