Today was such sweet relief. For me and for the whole team. Here are some pictures I took:











Today was a great day. We rode 67 miles from Houston to Navasota in under 6 hours. Everyone was at the host by 2pm! This meant we had time for naps, to go to the bike shop, to hang out, interact with our host, and get ice cream! It was a fantastic day with only an hour and 45 minutes of water stops and about a 300 foot elevation increase. There were some small hills today after being flat for so long and I have to say, I really like them. It’s a great feeling to power up a hill and then be able to effortlessly coast down. Here’s the GPS route:

Today was also my first experience with Chamois Butt’r. For those who don’t know, a chamois is the butt cushion in our biking shorts. It’s pronounced “shammy”. You put chamois butter in your biking shorts to prevent chafing. A TON of people swear by it and say it’s magical. It definitely does what it is supposed to do, but with all the hype, I think I was expecting too much. Whoops.

Today we left our host at 7:30am and even had ourselves and our bikes blessed by the pastor! After being splashed in the face with the holy water stick we were off! A truly incredible 4k alumni mailed us a super soaker yesterday. Super soakers are used to motivate people to leave water stops when they are taking too long. Even though it’s hot out, a blast of water in the ear will get you moving. Brad had a field day with this privilege today in the water van. This was him ALL day:


It was pretty funny. I don’t think he ever got the chance to “motivate” someone, so that’s a little disappointing. In any case, the super soaker worked! We got to the host in record time! Today was the first day (besides our 25 mile day) that we averaged over 10mph including stopping time.

My ride group today was awesome! It was Shawna, Jackie, Max, and Taylor. Shawna is fast! If you don’t make her slow down she’ll push it until she drops. She was going so fast I told her that her last name should be Flyin’ so that her entire name would be Shawna B. Flyin’. Here’s a picture of all of us:


I had a lot of fun with these guys today. Our host today is First Baptist Church. We arrived first and no one was there. The food van hadn’t made it there yet because we were so quick. They were still out getting food since we decided to have lunch at the host. The water van had to go back to give tools to a group with some minor mechanical issues. So we waited until someone came to open the door. They said they weren’t expecting us until 5pm, but let us in anyway. They were still in the process of making us dinner, so we showered and ate the lunch that the food van got us. I got in one of the two showers almost immediately, ate a half of a chipotle burrito and then fell asleep for about 3.5 hours while others went to Target and the bike shop. When I woke up it was time for dinner! We had pasta, salad, and bread. It was really good and the pasta was spicy with jalepenos!

After dinner we had a really quick team meeting where we picked riding groups based on which type of cookie was your favorite: chocolate chip, Oreo, peanut butter, sugar, or oatmeal rasin. I picked oreo because chocolate chip already had 5 riders. Afterwards, some teenagers were at the church for a youth group meeting and we played their version of volleyball. You use a 3 foot beach ball and you’re allowed to hit it as many times as you want on your side. It’s a really easy game that is good for a lot of people of all ages to play. There’s no strategy to it and there’s no way to be good at the game. You just have to keep hitting the ball in the air. After that some of us went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and all of us are going to bed early!

It was really nice to have a short quick day. I think it boosted the team morale, let our legs have a rest, and allowed us to get the sleep we need. The first day of the 4k we did 60.5 miles in 8 hours and 20 minutes. Today we did 67 miles in 6 hours, just to put things in perspective. I believe tomorrow is another short (under 70 miles) day. I have no idea where we’re going though.

Remember to comment! A few of you have mentioned that you can’t see the videos I put on Facebook so here are the links:

Team “No Hands” to Farmville, VA

Rest day in Raleigh, NC

Cops escorting us in Rockingham, NC

Flat City over the Mississippi river on our way to Baton Rouge, LA

and finally my video interview with Simon and Max

Let me know if any of these don’t work and I’ll try something different.