Today was pretty uneventful. I’m also really tired. This is great because I don’t need or have to write a long post. Here are the pictures:







Today I was suprised when Haley told me that it was July. I had to take a moment to myself to come to terms with that. Anyway, we left late from our host at around 8am. The ride was scheduled to be 87 miles. I didn’t get a good picture of my ride group, but I rode with Erika, Haley, Simon, Lauren, and Allison. Some of the church members from our host were able to ride out with us to our first water stop! It’s always fun to ride with new people and this was no exception. Erika had a flat before we even left the host and then another after about 2 miles. After new tubes in both of her wheels, we were good to go and didn’t have any more problems for a while. I took a nap on the pavement at the first water stop, and a nap in the van at the third water stop. Allison also got a flat about 10 miles out from the host. That’s pretty much it. Everything else that happened was pretty standard. The day seemed to go by quickly because we didn’t have to wait FOREVER for mechanical issues, but in actuality, the day was pretty long. We ended up riding 88.3 miles in a little over 10 hours. That’s pretty slow, but we also stopped a lot at traffic lights and train tracks when we were entering Houston. Here’s all the GPS data:

Some interesting things about today are that we biked to China:


Yes. There’s a China, TX. We also biked near Pasadena, TX. This is interesting because I’m from Pasadena, MD!


My group was the first to arrive at the host, St. Andrew’s Heights Church in Houston, TX, and we were almost immediately taken to the showers! Some of the church members drove us to their homes to shower off. It was probably the nicest shower I’ve been in all summer! Upon our return, we ate fruit and cheese and crackers as an appetizer for dinner! We also had mail today! Thank you again to all who mailed tubes! I’ve personally received 17 and a lot of the team has gotten more as well! Before dinner we said a prayer. Most of the times when we stay at a church, a prayer is said and they usually are all pretty similar. Mainly, they give thanks for us, our cause, and the food we are about to eat, and pray for our rest, nourishment, and safety. Today, in true Texas style, we gave thanks for our freedom! That was a new one. But I guess ’tis the season. We ate some fantastic Tex-Mex:


I was pretty excited. The only downfall was the unsweetened tea! Sweet tea may be a little bit of a weakness for me (understatement). I was overjoyed to be served sweet tea every day from Southern Virginia until we left Georgia. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana didn’t serve tea at all, and once we hit Texas, it’s unsweetened. I guess we’ve sadly moved on. Don’t worry though, I’ll be living in North Carolina soon enough!

Tomorrow we’re riding under 70 miles! Whew! What a rest. We’re going to Navasota, TX. Something mildly interesting about Navasota is that Wikipedia says Chuck Norris doesn’t live in Navasota, but lives nearby. So there’s that.

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