Today I didn’t take like any pictures. But here’s a good one of the New Orleans skyline:


Like I said in my previous post, we all woke up late around 10am. We left around 11 for the city in search of breakfast and the world cup game. We planned to go to Cafe du Monde, in the French Quarter, but they were packed and we couldn’t get a table. We split up into small groups of around 4 people and meandered around until we all found things to do. I ended up with Allison and Taylor and we met up with my parents and went to Jackson Brewery to eat. The food was great and we watched the last half of the USA vs. Germany game. Go USA! I won’t ruin the outcome of the game just in case some of you haven’t watched it yet.

Then we walked around for a little bit and did some shopping around. We went to tourist stores and a hot sauce/spices store, and a cigar shop (for my dad) where we watched them actually rolling cigars to sell in their store! We took our good old time and after that Taylor had to go to a bike shop to get new pedals. We walked to a nearby shop but they didn’t have road bike pedals. No one in the city uses high quality road bike parts on their commuter bike. However, we did see some wheels that I would recommend for next years team. I think they will be a lot more sturdy and that there will be less spoke related problems:


Alright. Maybe I’m kidding. This was the wheel on a chopper bicycle and it had flames on the treads. Pretty cool huh?

We then drove to another bike shop a little farther away that had pedals and even donated ten tubes for us!


The guy there couldn’t have been nicer and we talked for a little bit about the ride and biking and stuff. Did I mention that I took a nap on the van ride there?


Thanks to my mama for taking that one! I get my picture taking skills from her. She takes like a million every day. She took a picture of me making a cup of tea in her hotel. Mom. I’ve made a thousand cups of tea before. Why do you need a picture of that?! You can see our forced smiles in this one from the bike shop:


In all seriousness though, my parents have been received really well by the team. They decided to rent a bike and ride with us tomorrow! Everyone is really excited about them riding with us and have told me everything from “You’re parents are really cool” to “Your parents are really cute”. My parents had already planned to follow us to Baton Rouge and stay the night there, and now they’re going to take turns riding with us while the other drives the rental car! They picked quite the day to join us. We’re riding 103 miles tomorrow to Baton Rouge! It will be interesting to see how many miles they each rack up. Both of them left their own road bikes at home, but packed their helmets! My dad competes in triathlons and has even ridden a century before. My mom has her own road bike but doesn’t ride too much. She goes to daily classes at the gym like spin class, yoga, and maybe Zumba? I’m not too sure. But she’s in shape. I just hope they’re prepared because they’re going in cold and we’ve already had 25 days of practice.

Before we went to go pick up the rest of our team to return to the host, we got some froyo:


These are pomegranate something or others that Allison and Taylor got. I got a mango and pineapple smoothie, but didn’t take a picture.

When we arrived back at the host, I was exhausted. I think I haven’t been getting enough sleep for the past few days. Blogging takes a really long time at night and believe it or not, I can’t get enough naps! So I promptly found my bed and passed out for about four hours. Luckily I was woken up for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings! We had a good time and I think I refilled my water like 4 times. I have to be hydrated for tomorrow!

OH! I totally forgot to write about this in my previous post. My wonderful grandparents got me an interview for an article written in the Maryland Gazette! Thanks Oma and Opa! The article was in yesterday’s paper, June 25. Here is the link to the online article: Click Me! I thought their pun was funny when they said I was peddling across the country instead of pedaling. I guess we are peddling in the sense that we are traveling across the country to promote our cause, but we are also quite literally pedaling on our bikes! I even got a comment on my blog from a woman who lives in Durango, CO but was visiting family in Maryland when she read the article in the paper! We’ll be traveling through Durango sometime in July and she offered to help us out in any way she could!

Hopefully you’ll excuse my lateness in blogging, especially since you have TWO posts to read from today! It’s a double feature! How can you say no to that? Remember to comment on stuff and tell us how great we are!