Today we hopped back on the saddle and rode! It was fantastic to be out and cycling again!

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where day 13’s GPS route is, so here’s the link to it: In case you forgot, day 13 was when we biked from Spartanburg to Clemson. I wasn’t able to post the route because there was no internet while we were camping there. Unfortunately, garmin was being stupid again and my watch wouldn’t turn on for the first 30 miles of the ride. So I was only able to record the last 40 miles. I’m working on tracking down someone else with a GPS watch who might have the entire thing.

Here are some pictures from today:










This morning we woke up 45 minutes late. On top of that we didn’t plan on having to pack two entire vans. Since we had to shuttle a lot in Atlanta, we completely emptied out both vans so that we could all fit. That meant we had double the packing to do this morning. We left our host in Atlanta around 9am this morning and it was already going on 80 degrees. I dedicated my day today to Jamie:


And so did the rest of our team:


I think a lot of people were a little nervous to get back on their bikes today, but we all did and we did it safely. For that, I’m thankful. I’ve had my fair share of personal scares and injuries from pole vaulting, to rock climbing, and even cycling. Every time, I’ve found the best way to get over an accident is to take a few days to learn from it, then get up and keep going. I’m really proud that our entire team was able to do exactly that. We took our rest days, and today we all biked 49 miles to Carrollton, GA. I was really happy to be biking again. It felt great to sweat, to be out of breath, and to exercise! Resting really puts you in a slump and it was great to get out of it!

Here’s the GPS route for today: Today we encountered a few big hills, but for the most part it was the perfect ride to start with after three days of rest. After consulting with Stephen (the 4k director), we completely switched up how the vans operate, and today was probably the smoothest of them all. Water stops were where they needed to be, chalk was laid down in all the right places, and the food van had plenty of time to get lunch for us.

My ride group today was Jeremy, Matt, Lauren, and Taylor. This is Jeremy:


He’s the celebrity to my paparazzi. He’s also the other mechanic on the trip! He’s a really great rider and competes in triathlons and other races regularly. He’s even training for a half Iron Man right NOW. He goes on runs almost every day with Dan and Matt. This is Matt:



Matt is one of the most laid back and go with the flow people on the ride. I’ve never heard him raise his voice or complain or say anything that wasn’t nice. He’s also a really great rider because he ran Division III cross-country in college. He went to the same college as Dan and they’re like best friends. This is them when we crossed into North Carolina:


You might want to hang on to that one, Marsha!

There are a lot of trains and train tracks in South Carolina and Georgia. I’ve taken a few pictures of them, but today we got to ride next to one!


That was pretty cool and luckily we didn’t have to wait at any of the railroad crossings. I saw some other weird stuff today on our ride. I need to preface this weirdness with a little bit of my own. I absolutely love the show Duck Dynasty. I think it’s hilarious. If you’d like, go ahead and take a couple of seconds to make fun of me in your head. I don’t mind. So when I saw this door mat today I almost lost it:



I miss that show. There’s about zero time for TV on the 4k. I’ll just have to marathon through all my TV shows when I get back I guess. Anyway, the second weird thing I saw was this computer repair shop:


Thats right! Mac Daddy repair shop. Carrollton’s finest. I thought it was pretty clever.

When we arrived at our host today, no one was there to greet us. We quickly figured out that we were at the wrong church. In our defense there was ONE word that was different in the name of the church we were supposed to be staying at. So we had to back-track an extra half-mile to our actual host that we had passed on the way to our fake host. Upon our arrival to First United Methodist Church, we got shuttled to a gym where we could shower. I didn’t make the first load of people, so in true Tyler fashion, I got caught taking a nap in the meantime:



I think there’s also a picture of me napping at a water stop today as well… But in this picture, I was sleeping so hard that I almost missed the second load of people going to shower! After showering, I rode with Eric to take Stephen back to Atlanta so he could fly back to Baltimore. The trip there and back took about two hours but luckily there was leftover food when we returned to Carrollton. We had barbecue chicken, green beans, and potato salad! It was all homemade and was absolutely delicious! It was a great protein packed meal and a nice break from all the pasta and carbs we’ve been getting. Since we got back late, most of the other riders had already gone to the local movie theater where they got free tickets to see “The Fault in Our Stars” or “22 Jump Street”.

Tomorrow we cross into Alabama and we also go through our first time-zone change! So that will be interesting. Until then, remember to make me feel special by commenting and otherwise praising us all! If you find yourself with some time to kill, check out the Facebook page, “Miles for Jamie”: Help to log some miles to get her to the finish line!