Today was pretty good! It was another van day full of shuttling people back and forth. We woke up, ate breakfast, and were packed and out with the first load of people by 9 am. I drove, and the ride to Atlanta was about an hour and fifteen minutes. I saw this sign on the road:


Yeah. I don’t know. I guess it’s Georgia’s version of a wrong way sign? Anyway, when we got to Atlanta we unloaded and I was back on the road with Aaron to pick up the second load of people. After driving for three hours I was sleepy so Jeremy drove the final stretch to Atlanta. I passed out on one of the van seats like a champion. Unfortunately, no one got a picture of it. But I did get a picture of the scene when we arrived for the second time in Atlanta:


You’d think we would be bouncing off the walls from not riding, but that is completely not the case. If anything we’re more tired from being so stationary.

After waking people up, we went to a local tap house for a local brew:


We then had dinner at our host: St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. We had the best pizza I think I’ve had in a long time! Our hosts are the nicest people and I’m so glad we will be staying for two nights. The only down side to this is that there’s no Wi-Fi so I’m blogging again from my phone. Typing is SO much easier on a computer, but you have to work with what you got. I’m trying to be as detailed and entertaining as I can, but my patience wears thin after a while of phone typing.

After dinner I found a piano and started playing my same old same old. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I play for me. I only know certain parts of certain songs because those are the parts I decided to teach myself. This is annoying for anyone who listens for a while because it’s repetitive and boring. But it impresses our hosts who haven’t heard me play before! One of the ladies took a video of me playing! The church has a gym (where the piano was confusingly located) so I also took some time to throw my Frisbee at/in the basketball hoop.

Around 8:30 pm it was time to go pick up Lisa! She was an expected addition to our team and we’re delighted to have her! A group of us went to the airport to greet her:


We picked her up, (then put her back down! Hah! Kudos to Matt for that joke), piled her bike and duffel into the van, and took her to meet everyone!

We didn’t end up giving out a scholarship today because we’re going to do it tomorrow! We’re also going to volunteer at Atlanta’s hope lodge in the morning as a part of our service day. We may also go to an Atlanta Braves game if we can get cheap tickets! I’ll let you all know how that goes in tomorrow’s post!

Until then, you know the drill. Comment, message, text!