Today was a good day. Here’s the pics:




















Today our ride was 52 miles. Thats half of what we did yesterday. No problem. We woke up super early this morning, and as always, I was packed, fed, and ready to go in 45 minutes. Then we realized that we didn’t have to leave for another hour since our ride was so short and we couldn’t get into our host until 4pm. So I stole Heather’s bed and went back to sleep:



I think Brianne has an entire album of me sleeping in random places. I’ve learned not to be picky. In fact, when Heather needed to pack up her air mattress, I just rolled off of it, onto the floor and kept sleeping. Whatever.

We did our dedication circle and rolled out. It was pretty humid and cloudy with a small morning fog. There were really dark ominous clouds all day, but it didn’t rain! So that’s a plus. My riding group today was Brianne, Heather, Kirk, and Michelle. Brianne:


Brianne is by far the loudest person on our team. She talks loud, laughs loud, and makes sure you know whats up. She’s very prone to both contracting and spreading fits of laughter. She’s awesome to hang out with and has no problem embarrassing herself and embarrassing me! I really like it when people don’t take themselves too seriously and Brianne definitely doesn’t! I think it’s always better to laugh at yourself than to get upset when people laugh at you.

We rode today with really no major incidents or noteworthy events besides the fact that we entered South Carolina!


It was a (relatively) short ride and all went well. There were quite a few hills, but most of them had a big downhill right before. There was a small headwind occasionally but nothing crazy. We were able to take long rests at the water stops because we were in no rush to get to the host. Here’s Kirk and I napping at one of them:



Here’s the GPS route: I started my watch about 0.6 miles into the ride, so our total distance was actually about 51.7 miles. We’re getting faster and stronger every day! Without naps at water stops, we could have broken a 10mph total average speed!

When we got to Spartansburg, SC we were early so a bunch of us biked to a local pub for some food and drink. I like to try all of the local brews, so here is a sampler of Rockers that I got:



Yum! Rockers is brewed right in Spartansburg and there was (in order going clockwise) a stout, IPA, peach, strawberry, and some weird one that I forget the name of. Peach was definitely my favorite with IPA being a close second!

When we returned to the YMCA where we are staying, I went on a 25 minute shake out run with Jeremy then hopped in the pool and hot tub. This is a super new YMCA and they had really nice showers, and a water slide and lazy river thing! After that, they had Fuddruckers delivered for dinner! Fantastic! After I ate, I used my muscle rolling stick to roll out my thighs and conned Lauren into rolling a lacrosse ball on my back. Best. Massage. Ever. Lauren is definitely my favorite today. Thanks Lauren!

I got sunburned in the dumbest place today:



Apparently my Pearl Izumi shorts are a tad shorter than my Louis Garneau’s. Whoops! In any case, my leg looks like neapolitan ice cream. Delicious!

I think that’s it for today! Please feel free to inundate (college word!) me with comments and stuff!