Before I even start talking about today, I have to go back to yesterday for a second. I’m terribly sorry that I forgot to mention this. We had a birthday! This gal right here:



This is Haley. Happy Birthday Haley! The blog post is late, but I was on time in person, so I’m just gonna count that.

Okay now on to today. D-d-dump:
















Super. So today I rode with Erika and Haley and we called ourselves the Three Musketeers! We were a great team and had a great time. Haley and myself embarrassed ourselves singing songs and Erika mainly laughed at us. Whatever. We climbed hills like bosses and didn’t have any mechanical problems. Smooth. That describes today. But lets start at the beginning.

This morning we left the YMCA in Fredericksburg with some locals who helped to navigate us around some massive roadwork. We had a to detour because of a closed bridge, so on the GPS route you can see that we turned around at about mile 15. ( That added a couple of miles but I didn’t really mind because the backroads were SO nice! This pretty much explains it:


Photo cred to Haley! We saw a turtle obviously. It was like a foot and a half long snapper. That’s about it for the backroads. Then we got onto route 1. It was a nice long highway with two lanes on each side. Not too many cars, and they could easily get in the other lane to pass. Rolling hills. So many rolling hills. But it was really fun! I think someone told me that our biggest hill today and yesterday was somewhere between a 200 and 300 foot climb. Pretty tough, but probably nothing compared to the Rockies. We climbed a total of about 1000 feet of hills today which is pretty cool. In contrast, when we get to Florida, we’ll be climbing a total of about 50 feet.

It. Was. Hot. Really hot. Someone said something about 95, maybe more. But when you’re riding it feels pretty nice. I had my jersey off most of the day. It’s really gross being slathered in sun screen and sweat in the heat. Ugh. I stayed hydrated and didn’t get burnt though!

We got to the host a little early and hung out outside for a little bit. We’re staying at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and Josh, our host, is SUPER nice. He gave us a ton of food that was leftover from other people who have had events here and got us pizza. We also have bananas, bagels, and eggs for breakfast! We’re allowed to use the kitchen to cook! There’s three floors to sleep in and hang out in. Theres COUCHES! Fast internet, a pool table, and foosball. We found some guitars and some bongos and literally right now Aaron is killing it on the guitar and vocals while Max is bongo-ing and Kirk is on harmony and tambourine. It’s fantastic! I had a little time while everyone was showering (after I showered) to set up my hammock outside and relax in the shade under some trees. Also fantastic!

We went to The Local, it’s a nearby pub and we played darts and (those old enough) knocked back a few brews. Great end to the day! This adventure makes me super happy! Being outside, riding my bike, hanging out with amazing people, playing music, relaxing, having fun, and most importantly giving back to others! It doesn’t get any better than this.

It’s great hearing from you all! I’ve heard from even more parents of riders, more of our hosts too, and of course family and friends! Keep it coming! I love it!