Whew! What a day! But first, obligatory picture dump:



































Couple of things about the pictures: Click on them to make them bigger. The guy in all the neon is Dan. He’s a pretty cool guy that rode in front of me a lot today. So, lucky Dan, he gets a lot of pictures. We crossed into Virginia today using a bridge that we weren’t allowed to cycle on. So we had to take out ALL of our gear from the van to shuttle people over. It took a really long time to do all this but then we got to take a picture with the Virginia sign!

Today started out beautifully. We left our host a little before 8am this morning. It was about 17 miles until the bridge to Virginia, and it was the nicest morning weather and we were cruising along really well. We even stopped for some honeysuckle and it was fantastic! We waited a couple of hours for the van shuttling people over the bridge. While that was happening I got to talk to a man who knows someone on the 4k running team! Once we got back to riding there was a nasty headwind. Terrible. But we rode through it, up and down hills. There were a few big climbs today that really tested our strength.

I also met a wonderful woman selling asparagus, snap peas, and blueberries that were grown right there on the property. She let us have a container of blueberries for free once we had talked to her for a little bit about the 4k and what we are doing. Since we were the last riding group to pass through, she had already seen the other 25 riders pass by throughout the day.

I fell off my bike. Tipped right over. Sigh. The only thing I hurt was my pride.

Now that we never have to talk about that again… I have killer tanlines on my arms, legs, and ankles. Sorry! No pictures yet. To help remedy this, I rode with my shirt off for the last third of the ride, but it didn’t help. Still not majorly sunburned, but I did miss a few spots here and there.

Here’s the link to the GPS route we took! http://connect.garmin.com/activity/512706889 You can see the huge gap in time where we were waiting on the van to shuttle people back and forth. The entire ride took about 8 hours, but apparently I was only moving on my bike for a little over 4. Water stops and stuff account for some of that time too.

No major mechanic-ish things to report today. Someone broke a spoke which we can’t really fix since we don’t have extra spokes. I think a couple of people got flat tires, but everyone on the ride knows how to fix that! A couple of people asked me to look at some things on their bikes tonight. I think there’s a derailer problem and a rubbing brake.

Our host tonight is the YMCA in Fredericksburg, VA. We’re staying on one of their basketball courts. When we got here, some of us threw around my Frisbee and then a couple of us went on a short run to shake out the legs. We were able to use their locker room and showers! We all appreciate showers SO much! Then we ate pasta and salad and now we’re all just relaxing. I think a few people went to the pool. Apparently there’s jets in the pool and it’s heated to 84 degrees. Fancy huh?

Shoutout to Micaela because she asked!

As always, comment on my stuff and message me and text me and all that. I’m needy I guess. I also love hearing from you all. It was great to hear from our hosts in Taos, New Mexico who commented on yesterday’s post! OH! And also Allison’s mom! Allison was a little embarrassed and it was great! I think that’s a good note to end on. Hah!