In less than 8 hours I’ll be leaving Baltimore inner harbor for the experience of a lifetime! How do I feel? Pumped! Nervous? Not at all.

I’ve been packing all night even though I should be sleeping and I’ve managed to reduce my next 70 days to this:


Fancy huh?

I recently moved all of my stuff to North Carolina (grad school, woop!) And was surprised when it all fit into one SUV. I didn’t realize I had so “little”. Tonight I’m humbled that all I really need (plus a lot that I don’t) can fit into one duffel bag and one backpack. It kinda puts things into perspective. I never realized how much stuff I have that is completely superfluous. (college word!) I guess the lesson learned is to appreciate all the crap I’ve accumulated!

Tomorrow we dip our back tires in the bay and set off to dip our front ones in the pacific! Until then I guess I should try to sleep.