Today is the last day before all of the 4k events start and I can’t wait until tomorrow! This whole thing is really surreal and I can’t believe that in a little over one week from now, I will have already biked to North Carolina! Unreal. My room is filled with biking and camping stuff and I don’t know how I’m supposed to pack it all. Anyway, tomorrow we have a 4k dinner where I’ll finally get to meet all of my teammates that I’ve been getting to know through Facebook these past couple of months (Spoiler Alert: They’re all fantastic!). On Saturday, we have training day where we will go on a ride together, learn about 4k history, how to drive 15 passenger support vans, how to fix a broken bike, and other stuff about how to successfully pedal across the country. Then Sunday. Sunday is send off! We will be departing from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor bright and early on June 1st! Come out and support us at 7am to help see us off! This is your invitation! Just show up, clap for me really loud, do your best to embarrass me, and tell anybody walking by how awesome we are!

I’m super excited for this adventure to start! It reminds me of summers I used to have before the era of responsibility. You wake up, eat breakfast, go play outside, and ride your bike until the streetlights come on. No worries, no job, no money, just riding my bike. And to think, all this in the name of fighting cancer! Thanks to all of my extremely generous donors, I’ve currently raised $5500 for young adults fighting cancer! That’s one-thousand more dollars than my goal! Thank you all so much for your support. Without you, this adventure would not be possible and the lives of numerous cancer patients and families would have remained unchanged. My fundraising page will be open throughout the summer, and although I’ve already exceeded my goal, donations are still very welcome! Please spread the word! Tell EVERYONE!

This blog is where I hope to post about each day of my ride across the country. My goal is to write a little about a day in the life of a 4k’er and to post my thoughts about each day’s ride. Along with this, I hope to post a link to the route we take each day so you can see where we started, where we ended, and how we got there. There will also be stats on distance, speed, elevation, and pace for all you nerds out there. All of this data will be coming from my GPS watch so you know it’s the real deal. I also want to post pictures of the scenery, my team, and what will probably be the most awful tanlines I’ve ever had. I hope to keep in touch with you all throughout my journey and I hope you all will keep in touch with me too! Comment on my blog posts, post on my Facebook, ask questions about the ride, encourage us along the way, TELL ME I’M PRETTY! Maybe not that last one… whatever.